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5 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Making Waves in Supply Chain

In a world where organizations are trying to improve their day to day practices and discover new means to improve the efficiency of their business, artificial intelligence (AI), which was once only a concept in Sci-Fi movies, has now paved the way for a more smooth, reliable, and data driven world.

Cost Management During Product Development

Why is it important?

Many companies realize that effective cost management, through the product life cycle, is very important.  However, we often see that most of these efforts happen when the product is in the production phase, and there is a need to control costs to improve margins. Many companies try to manage costs during the product development phase with varying degrees of success.

Make the Most Out of Commercial Analytics

Commercial Analytics is more important than ever before. Today, nearly everything, from events, relationships, movements, transactions, and decisions are all evidenced by data. As the pace of technological advancement increases, it is essential for businesses to develop a data strategy for navigating the sea of data being generated, and, also for the preparation of future implementation of new technologies, like IoT and Artificial Intelligence.  A firm’s current and future competitiveness, profitability, and market share depend upon its real-time responsiveness to business and economic conditions. To successfully leverage data through analytics, a firm must collect the correct data, be able to locate it, and ensure the right people have it when they need it.

Impact of Supply Chain Planning & Demand Prioritization on Production Sequencing

"A bad schedule from a good plan is better than a great schedule from a bad plan," Sanjiv Sindhu, Co-Founder i2 Technologies

Simply put, the main objective of supply chain planning is to accurately estimate the customer needs and ensure that they receive the right products, through the right channels, in the right quantities, and at the right time. However, global competition, political and economic uncertainty, and evolving technology and trends towards customization have made managing company supply chain planning a tough task.

Winning Aftermarket Services - Digitization of Supply Chain

Business Value of Aftermarket Services in OEMs

"A business absolutely devoted to service will have only one worry about profits. They will be embarrassingly large,” -Henry Ford, founder of one of the world’s largest manufacturing companies. This is the golden age of services.  To survive and prosper, every company must transform itself into a services-based business.